April 11, 2011
Doral launches Doral Online Mortgage
The new platform where clients can access all their information and mortgage history.

Doral Bank announces the launch of Doral Online Mortgage, a new Internet platform that will result in a better service and transparency of mortgage transactions for its clients. The platform provides immediate access to your information and mortgage history. From the start, the client will have an easy tool with detailed information on his/her mortgage loan.

Through Doral Online Mortgage, the client can access his/her mortgage balance, interest rates, payment history, monthly payment distribution, reserve account statements, and registration copies, among others.

In addition, the user will be able to perform multiple tasks such as scheduling payments and linking a mortgage payment to a checking or savings account of any bank of Puerto Rico or the United States by only providing a routing number and account information. One can also access detailed information of payments of Escrow accounts and CRIM, mortgage insurance or hazard insurance.

"This new tool is an addition to the list of benefits enjoyed by our mortgage clients. Joined to the service experience that makes the difference, the platform positions Doral as the first option in the market to buy and refinance," added María del Carmen Torres, VP Doral Mortgage Operations.

To access these services, clients can go to doralbank.com and click on Doral Online Mortgage in the blue frame at the upper left side of the page. Simply registering the mortgage loan number and creating a password will permit access to the services. If the client wishes to better understand this platform, he or she can access the demonstrative video under the section HELP.

New option for Payment Transfer available to Doral Bank clients

On another note, we have included mortgage information in our Internet Banking platform (Doral Online Banking). Clients who have checking or savings accounts, in addition to accessing account information, will now view basic information of their Doral mortgage account. They can submit payments on this page by simply transferring the amount from the checking or savings account to the mortgage account. This transfer is immediate; the payment is processed on the same date and the system provides confirmation as proof of payment.

"In Doral, we continue developing initiatives that help our clients better control their finances, giving them tools to easily handle their responsibilities, in he most secure and efficient manner possible," explained Alexandra López, VP Online Channel & Information Technology in Doral.

With the launch of this platform, the clients now have more options when it comes to paying their mortgage electronically: direct debit, electronic debit through Doral Online Mortgage, or immediate transfer through Doral Online Banking.

For more information about Doral's Mortgage Department or about Doral Online Mortgage, please call 787.749.7000.

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