February 19, 2014
Doral Bank shows commitment to young cancer patients
"Naricitas de Amor" brings happiness, with celebrities, while raising funds for the Fundación CAP

In its ongoing commitment to invest in cancer treatment awareness in Puerto Rico, Doral Bank launched "Naricitas de Amor" today, a new campaign with the Pro Oncological Pediatric Department, Hospital Pediátrico Universitario Dr. Antonio Ortiz, CAP.

Along with local celebrities, "Naricitas de Amor", consists of the exchange of a clown nose, a symbol of fun and happiness, for a $1 donation that will go in its entirety to the CAP Foundation in order to fund the creation of a new imaging center at the Hospital Pediátrico at Centro Médico de Puerto Rico. The noses or "naricitas" will be sold starting today at all Doral Bank branches.

Doral Bank integrated a new digital aspect to the campaign that will increase the reach in the Island and extend its awareness. When you buy your nose, you should put it on, take a picture and upload it to your Twitter, Instagram profiles and/or www.facebook.com/doralbank using the hashtag #naricitasdeamor, to show your support.

Many personalities from the local artistic scene have come together for the effort, joining the young patients by ask their followers to join. Some of the participating artists are; Melina León, Grupo Manía, Vivanativa, Shanira Blanco, Remi, Zuleyka Rivera, Luis "Tingui" Vargas, Liam Rodríguez, Shabúm, Haydeé Rosario, Antonio Sánchez "El Gangster", Fabiola and Fabián Torres. They will exhort Puerto Rico to wear its nose and upload the photos to their social media profiles with the hashtag #naricitasdeamor. "We have been creating community programs for cancer patients for more than six years. This includes the Ruta Pink for Women and the "Da Vida Caminando con Raymond" walk with Raymond Arrieta. We are proud to continue expanding our efforts, now to better the lives of these children with the Fundación CAP." Said Lucienne Gigante, SVP of Marketing, Public Relations and Community at Doral Bank.

"This year marks a special year for us, CAP is celebrating 25 years of working hand in hand with the Hospital Pediátrico de Centro Médico. Throughout these 25 years, there have been great achievements, including: the bone marrow transplant unit, the electric generator that supplies power to the whole Pediatric Hospital and the new ambulatory oncological unit which in 2013 received 2,000 visits. At CAP we are super happy with the alliance that begins today. What better way to start the celebration of so many achievements with the "Naricitas de Amor". A positive campaign full of joy, smiles and positive energy for our little patients. Thank you for sharing our dream of giving the Hospital Pediátrico a world-class cancer treatment center where every child, no matter his or her economic standing, has access to better treatment without having to leave the Island and being far from their loved ones. We welcome Doral Bank to the CAP family. We are grateful for their support" Expressed Gretel Haeussler, CAP Representative.

Uniendo Cabezas

At the same time, the management at Doral Bank and its associates has come together to contribute to the CAP Foundation, offering to shave their heads to raise funds as part of the Uniendo Cabezas event.

Offering their heads with the purpose of creating awareness about the creation of the Imaging Center at the Hospital Pediátrico en Centro Médico, the following members of the Doral team accepted the challenge in support of the young patients; Jesús F. Méndez, VPE of Operations at Doral Bank in PR; Carlos Acevedo, VP at Doral Insurance; Juan Carlos Pavía, COO at Doral Bank; Edwin Arroyo, Manager at the Doral Bank branch in Guaynabo; advisors Jonathan Cabán and William Ortiz; Edward Calvesbert, VP of Business Operations; and Operations Associates Gerardo Jaca, Javier Rodríguez and the first brave woman, Mariel Rodríguez Caloca. "At Doral, we believe that there is always opportunity when we work together. Our alliance with the Fundación CAP represents new opportunities that translate into better opportunities for our children. We want our children to have the best treatment options. Our commitment represents the bravery of the children that face this disease. We embraced the challenge with prowess, inspired by them." Said Jesús F. Méndez, EVP of Operations at Doral Bank in Puerto Rico.

Uniendo Cabezas is a Fundación CAP event that has made history in Puerto Rico. Students, business-people, artists, company employees and members of the general public shave their heads to raise funds and as a gesture of solidarity with cancer patients.

The "Naricitas de Amor" will be available at every Doral Bank branch in the Island. Remember to buy the nose, take a picture, and upload it to your Facebook profile using the hashtag #naricitasdeamor to show your support. For more information visit doralbank.com and/or https://www.facebook.com/doralbank.

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