April 19, 2013
Appointments at Doral Bank
Doral continues its expansion and growth with the appointment of new professionals.

Doral announced the executive appointments of a group of professionals as bank associates for Puerto Rico. The new positions rely on different business areas mainly focused in growth opportunities, client services and innovations in the institution's operations.

"With these appointments we continue to strengthen our Puerto Rican business in key areas such as insurance, consumer bank, compliance and operations. We are excited to show the knowledge these leaders can bring to Doral, our clients and the community," said Jesús F. Méndez, EVP Operations at Doral Bank Puerto Rico.

Doral Bank's employees sum up to more than one thousand, who share the philosophy of putting their communities at the center. This fact honors the Bank's slogan, "Ser Parte D" (be a part of). All employees offer the service and knowledge that their clients deserve, and volunteer for the seven community programs led by Doral.

One of the areas experiencing high growth is Doral Insurance, led by appointed VP Carlos Acevedo. Acevedo is a leader with a successful record of developing and executing strategic plans in the insurance market. He completed his Management degree and a Masters in Finance.

Promoting innovation and efficiency in its branches, Mr. Richard Méndez Santiago was named VP of Bank Operations, electronic transactions and payment options. Mr. Méndez completed a Bachelors Degree in Management and Accounting, and later obtained a Masters in Finance.

Also, Mrs. Ingrid Ortega was named VP of Operational Controls and Procedures for the compliance department. Ortega has more than twenty years of experience in the area, including responsibilities in Central and South America.

Cindy Vázquez Aquino, former Compliance Manager at Doral, was promoted to VP of Compliance. Vázquez obtained a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and a Juris Doctor. Her career started in social work, and in 2006 she began working with Bank Compliance. Her areas of expertise include: bankruptcy, insurance, law and social work. She constantly monitors Federal and local law, rulings and the politics that apply to the financial industry.

For the creation and development of new products, Doral recruited Katiria Resto as Product Manager. Resto has over 10 years of experience in innovation product development. She has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Puerto Rico and a Masters in Marketing and Finance from the Metropolitan University. Doral has a new Senior Manager to direct the charges, debt restructuration and foreclosed actives areas. Javier Hernández, who has a Bachelors Degree in Management and Accounting, filled the position. Throughout the years, Hernández has helped clients solve complex financial situations.

Doral has been awarded more than 100 times for its community impact in Puerto Rican communities. The American Banker Association recognized Doral as the only Puerto Rican Bank honored in the Loss Mitigation category for its program d hogares, from which more than 30,000 have benefitted. Also, Doral has received, in various occasions, Fannie Mae's recognition for its service of debt restructuration, offering its clients alternatives to protect their homes.

Doral has businesses in Puerto Rico, Florida and New York.

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