May 29, 2013
Doral Bank launches Ruta Mujeres d Éxito
Uniting more than 20 allies to support the entrepreneurial and professional development of Puerto Rican women.

Doral Bank announced today the Ruta Mujeres d Éxito launch, a free educational experience to support professional and entrepreneurial women. Ruta Mujeres d Éxito will take place on Saturdays during the month of October, and will visit Doral's branches of Arecibo, Caguas, Humacao, and San Juan (Roosevelt), 10am to 4pm.

This initiative is an expansion of Doral's existing community program, Mujeres d Éxito, launched in 2011, which supports the economic development of Puerto Rican women through capital and mentorship initiatives.

Ruta Mujeres d Éxito unites more than 20 allies, including the experts who will provide educational conferences about marketing, communications, professional etiquette, business plans, leadership, human resources, accounting, permit requirements, among others.

The expert speakers in charge of these educational workshops are: Denise Román, PMA Services; Frances Ríos, professional speaker and author of the book The Glue Factor; Beatriz Ferreira, RB Personnel; Salma Noloc, Buena Gente & Co.; Grupo Guayacán Inc.; and BDO Puerto Rico. Presenter Alexandra Malagón will MC each event.

In addition to education, women can benefit from the stories of the 5 selected women of Despegue Empresarial, another Doral Bank Mujeres d Éxito initiative, and the participation of Puerto Rican's beloved Dagmar, who will give the motivational talk "Recibe el poder de aceptar las cosas como son" (Receive the power of accepting things as they are). The events will end with a musical presentation by Dagmar.

"At Doral, we are directed towards making a difference in the lives of our clients and our communities with initiatives that provide opportunities and new paths. Women increasingly play an important role in Puerto Rico's economy, and we firmly believe in supporting their professional and entrepreneurial development," said Lucienne Gigante, SVP Marketing, Public Relations and Community at Doral Bank.

According to Census and Department of Labor data, women constitute 54% of Puerto Rico's population and 45% of the workforce. Nonetheless, 60% of families led by women now live under poverty levels.

"This information moves us forward, to continue constructing programs that drive economic development for women in the Island," added Gigante.

The growth of women in the workforce is exponential, leading to an increment in the private sector's labor force. Dr. Ilia Rodríguez, SVP General Administration at Doral, explained females represent 66% of Doral's workforce, 58% occupying managerial positions.

"At Doral, we feel proud to develop leaders by instructing with educational skills at our Leadership Center. When we have better leaders, we create better organizations that impact the economy and flourish into a better society," added Dr. Rodríguez.


Ruta Mujeres d Éxito is allied to nonprofit organizations that sponsor microloan programs directed to women. These organizations will be part of each route to provide orientation and financing options to the interested participants. Equally, Doral will facilitate financing options through its program Comerciantes d Comunidad.

Some of these participating organizations were selected through Fondo Doral, a special fund in alliance with Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico to support the development of micro-loan programs in nonprofit organizations specialized in helping low-income women. The Fund's first year (2011) initiated with Doral's contribution of $100,000.

Participating nonprofit organizations:

  • Centros Sor Isolina Ferre
  • Comerciantes Unidos por el Desarrollo de Camuy (CUDCC)
  • Corporación para el Desarrollo Económico de Ceiba (CHEDCO)
  • Corporación para el Desarrollo Económico de Trujillo Alto
  • Incubadora Microempresas Bieke, Inc
  • Oficina para la Promoción y el Desarrollo Humano (OPDH)
  • Instituto Empresarial para la Mujer
  • Promo Caguas

Mujeres d Éxito's impact in Puerto Rican women

Since the launch of the program in 2011, Doral has invested close to $1M in initiatives to support women's entrepreneurial and professional development.

Five entrepreneurs benefitted from $50,000 to take their businesses to the next level through Despegue Empresarial. Fondo Doral has strengthened four nonprofit organizations to expand or create microloan programs directed to women, while 6 university students obtained their first work experience through Internado Doral. The next Internado Doral starts next month with 9 students.

For more information on Mujeres d Éxito, visit and

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