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First Home Club

The savings account that helps you acquire your first home.

With this account, Doral will give you $4 for every $1 you deposit, up to a maximum of $7,500 to cover the expenses when buying your home.

In addition, when you open the account you receive orientation on budgeting, savings, mortgage loan application and more.

Open it today and start saving!

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Did you know that it's been 30 years since interest rates were as low as they are now?

This allows us to get the best mortgage deal when acquiring our own home in order to enjoy a better quality of life.

Plus, enjoy additional benefits, such as:

  • Government incentives
  • First Home Club

Buy or refinance today!

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In order to manage your money and have more control your what you spend, it's essential to prepare a budget. To do this you should calculate the money you earn (together with your partner or family) as well as the money you spend. You should then establish which expenses are essential (such as your mortgage, electricity, car, etc.) and which expenses are not (such as entertainment, clothing and other miscellaneous expenses). This is only one of many steps you could take to gain control of your finances!

For more information, contact the Consumer Credit Counseling at the following numbers:

ISLANDWIDE • 1-800-717-2227 METROPOLITAN AREA • 787-722-8835

Doral Bank was recognized for helping those who are going through hard times in trying to keep their homes.

In 2012 Doral was recognized by the American Bankers Association for its community service, after helping more than 15,000 families in Puerto Rico, offering them ways to keep their homes.

At Doral, we want to help. The following advice could help facilitate this process:

  • Keep an open communication with Doral associates.
  • Explain your situation and the reasons for your delayed payments
  • Ask for available support alternatives

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