Ruta Mujeres d Éxito has inspired more than 1,000 women in their personal and professional lives with talks on motivation, development of business ideas, virtual business, finance, permits and time management, among others.

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How can I motivate my employees?

  • Focus: If you show your employees that you are focused and committed, they will see your goals as their goals.
  • Empathy: Putting yourself in others' shoes and understanding their needs, will set you apart from the rest; it will also become a source of motivation for your employees.
  • Connection: Connect with your employees by explaining the company's objectives and make sure they feel that they're part of the overall achievements.
  • Motivation: Give positive re-enforcement and support to employees that are performing well. A simple "great job" or "I like what you did" can make a big difference to their emotional state.
  • Interest: Listen to your employees and show genuine interest in their personal and professional lives. This will make them feel valuable and important.
  • The Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. This is crucial so that your employees see that you believe in fairness and equality.

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What should I do to distribute my time efficiently?

  • Objectives: Knowing what your goals are and what you need in order to achieve them will help you plan and focus your efforts where they will prove to be the most helpful.
    1. Plan, categorize and distribute tasks and responsibilities, this way you will achieve efficient time allocation.
    2. Be organized with your documents (both digital and physical copies). It is good to always know where you have them saved or stored to avoid losing time searching for them.
    3. Learn how to say no.
  • Productivity: Identify which media and/or technology will be more efficient and helpful in the process of achieving your goals.
  • Monitoring: Create a journal to keep track of how you currently distribute your time. Then, analyze where and when you're using it efficiently, and where and when you're not. Your notes will serve as a guideline and will help you eliminate activities that are too time consuming.
  • "Call waiting": Telephone calls may consume the majority of your time, therefore you should:
    1. Ask if the call is urgent and necessary.
    2. Try to get straight to the point.
    3. Pick your conversation topic (one) ahead of time and try not to deviate from it.

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How do you turn your business idea into a reality?

  • Get informed: Start by gathering market data and performing research. This will help you figure out if your idea solves any existing problem or provides a better solution than the alternatives.
  • Get answers: Talk to possible clients. What can they get out of your product? Is the price reasonable? These questions can give you a better idea about the future of your business and if it will be successful or not.
  • Test it: Before investing money in any major production or distribution, test your product on a small scale.
  • Own it: The WOW! factor is important if you want to keep people interested in your product.
  • Plan it: Having a business plan will keep you on the path to success. You may not follow it word for word, but it will be your guide along the way.
  • Read it: There are countless books for small business owners that will make you think BIG. Here are a couple:
    1. Lean Startup, Eric Ries
    2. Business Plans that work, Jeffry Timmons and Andrew Zacharakis
    3. Getting to Plan B, John Mullins and Randy Komisar
    4. The Art of the Start, Guy Kawasaki

You can find out more information on how to develop your business idea on Eva Vázquez's presentation from the Ruta Mujeres d Éxito here

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How can I use professional presence to help my business?

  • Image: You must portray an image of professionalism and excellence.
    1. How you look and present yourself, as well as what you say, makes for a complete message. If any of these things lack professionalism, your message won't come across the way you want it to.
    2. The way you dress must go accordingly with what you want to communicate. Green, blue, black, and earth tones are appealing and should be used frequently. Orange, white, and purple should be used in moderation.
  • Verbal interactions: Structure your conversations professionally. They are crucial for success.
  • Written interactions: Evaluate if your written communication is effective and follows the writing rules of etiquette.
    1. Orthographic and grammatical errors say a lot about you and your business. Proofread each document or email at least three times before sending it.
    2. If you have to use abbreviations, make sure that your readers understand what they mean.
    3. Emails must include an appropriate greeting, a body with a single (clear and focused) message, and a closing that states or communicates the result you want.

For more information about professional presence, access the presentation here.

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What permit information is essential before launching your business?

Having the correct permits will be key in starting your business.

  • Before getting your permits:
    1. You should know if your business is a corporation, DBA or other.
    2. You should know what type of industry you would be part of such as: services, sales or other.
    3. Make sure your establishment (property, home, mobile) fulfills all the commercial requirements of your industry.
    4. Check the zoning type of your establishment. This will help you with the permit process and will give you a better idea of the documents you will need.
  • Resources: When it comes to getting your permits, these web pages provide the tools necessary to help ease the process.
    1. To incorporate your business:
    2. To request your employer identification number:
    3. To request your state identification number:
    4. Every person or business that generates revenue in PR must request the Business Registry (IVU):
    5. The online center for permit information is found at the Integrated Permit System webpage:

For more information about the permitting process visit or access the presentation given at the Ruta Mujeres d Éxito by Denise Román here

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Is having an online presence important for your business?

  • Opportunity: In Puerto Rico, there are more than 1.8 million internet users.
  • Resources: There are many opportunities to promote your business in a cost-effective way:
    1. Open a Facebook fan page. Facebook has about 1.4 million Puerto Rican users. Once you open your face page, you must feed it with content to provide up to date information to your customers and prospective customers.
    2. Find out how you can open your fan page and promote your business on Facebook here:
    3. Google is the #1 search engine used in Puerto Rico. If anyone is interested in finding information about your business or service, it is important to have a strong presence on the internet for you to appear in the results it delivers. Learn about opportunities to promote your business with Google here:
    4. If you do not have a website, you can open and design a free site on:
    5. You can buy your address (domain) on sites like:
    6. Your website should be bilingual, as this will allow you to reach more opportunities and markets.
    7. Your website and email account must present a professional image as these define how you are perceived by your audience.
    8. Other social networks that are used to promote and interact with customers and potential customers are:

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