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Host: Alexandra Malagón
by Alexandra Malagón
TV Personality

  • The 3 "Ds" of success:
    • Dedication
    • Determination
    • Discipline
  • Every step is a step closer to achieving your goals.
  • Everything you do, enjoy the journey. Get organized, capitalizes on every move.
  • A small piece of paper helps a lot more than a great mind. Write everything down!
Professional Presence
by Marta Michelle Colón
Founder of Buena Gente & Co.

  • Did you know that your professional presence says more than a thousand words?
  • How can you ensure that what you say and do, as well as the way you look, helps you obtain greater success?
  • How do you make sure your image sends a clear message of excellence and professionalism?
  • Is your written communication effective in projecting the best of you and your business?
  • What are the rules of etiquette in written communication?
Turn Your Idea Into a Business Opportunity
by Eva Vázquez
Professor in Entrepeneurship at Sagrado Corazón University

  • Start by asking yourself if your idea solves a real problem on the market or if the solution you propose is much better than the existing alternatives.
  • Talk with your potential clients: What would they like to get from your product or service? How much would they pay? Etc.
  • Test the product before mass producing it or investing in a larger operation.
  • Invest the least possible amount of capital while still in your preliminary stage (for example, use social media to promote yourself, it's free).
Essential to Launch Your Business
by Denise Román
Business and Accounting Consultant, PMA Services

  • Before working on getting your permits, it's very important you identify:
    • Business Type (Corporation, DBA or other)
    • Type of Industry (Services, resale or other)
    • Location of property
  • Check if the place meets the industry's commercial requirements before you consider renting.
  • Seek professional advice before taking any step, this can help you save money and time.
Virtual Business
by Sandrysabel Ortíz
Owner, Shoe Square Inc., Winner of despegue empresarial

  • Create a virtual business.
  • Design a web page.
  • Enable web billing.
  • Make sure your email and website look professional.
  • Market your business on social networks.
  • Use the Internet to improve the efficiency of your business.
Motivate, Inspire Action, and Get Results
by Frances Ríos
Founder of Frances Ríos Communications, Motivational Speaker and Author

  • Focus on the goal. Your objective should always be inspiring others to take actions that allow you to get results.
  • Put yourself in other people's shoes. It's not so much what you want to say, more like what others want to hear in order to feel motivated.
  • Make clients your allies. Pay close attention to your client's testimonials; there's nothing is more powerful than what your clients feel for you.
  • Develop messages that inspire action. Edit your messages so they are: Clear, short and concise.
  • Spread enthusiasm. When you feel and project enthusiasm for yourself, your product, and your service, others will feel the same.
Time management = Productivity
by Beatriz Ferreira
President, RB Personnel

  • The clock ticks at the same pace for everyone, the only difference is the way in which we perform, our level of productivity.
  • Knowing our needs and what we want to accomplish is key to establishing the necessary steps to get there.
  • Having established these steps, we can work on the specific actions needed to reach our main goal.
  • Nowadays there are two things that hinder productivity: excessive technology (considering the time required to dominate it) and meetings. Identify which technology really appeals to your objective and stick to the specific purpose of each meeting; this is crucial for successful time management.
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