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Finance Your Home Improvements

Possibilities are endless when it comes to home improvements, however, in order to take full advantage of them you should focus on those that add value to your property.

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Advice for making improvements to your home:

  • Define in detail what improvements you want to make
  • Make sure that the improvements that you are going to make add value to your property
  • Choose the contractor carefully
  • Request two or three detailed quotes in writing that include materials, labor and start and end dates for the work
  • It is important to determine the cost of the improvements
  • Once you choose the contractor, make sure to know his history.
  • Ask for references
  • Find out about other jobs he has done and who are his suppliers
  • Ask for license, permit and insurance verifications
  • Make sure the plumbing and electrical contractor services are professional
  • Ask how he is going to charge for the work performed
  • Ask about any guarantees or protection the contractor offers for on time completion and quality of the work performed
  • Demand a detailed contract
  • Choose adequate financing
  • Determine if you need a loan and how much you can pay in installments
  • Compare your financing options

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