Convert your expenses into savings

Controlling your expenses and income is the key to saving and planning for the future. Do a budget and learn how simple changes in your everyday life will help you achieve financial stability.

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Define your short term and long term goals

Decide how much and for when you need your savings for each of your goals.
Use the following calculator so you can start planning.

Do a budget

The best method to control your finances is to develop a budget. A budget is a plan to control your expenses and identify where else you can save.

Click here to download an excel file that will help you develop your budget.

Where you least expect it, you can find opportunities to save!

Follow these tips and you will see how easy it is!

  • Have breakfast and/or drink your coffee at home, instead of purchasing it on your way to work; you save a minimum of $25 a month.
  • Take your lunch to work; you can save at least $35 a week.
  • Do carpooling or take a ride with your co-workers that live close; it will surprise you how much you could save in gas!
  • Wash your clothes with cold water and dry them in the sun instead of using the dryer; you could save up to 92% in your electric bill.
  • Use a convectional oven instead of a traditional oven; you could save a 65% to 75% in your electric bill.
  • Before you go shopping, compare prices, look for specials, opt for generic brands, and use the shoppers.
  • In a piggy bank save all the change you have at the end of the day, and deposit the balance weekly or monthly in your savings account.
  • Enjoy all the free outdoor activities offered in your community and around the island.
  • Take advantage of off-season sales, where you find what you need at a much better price.
  • Tell your supervisor to transfer a designated amount directly from your paycheck and deposit it to your savings account, that way you can save without even knowing about it.
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