Protect Your Business

It is important to insure the business in which you have invested so much in case of any eventuality. Insuring your business takes a load off you and allows you to concentrate entirely on managing your business.

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Helpful hints to purchase your business insurance

  • determine what you want to insure
  • define against what types of risks you want to take provisions, including: vandalism, fire, theft, hurricanes, flood or earthquakes or your legal liability for damages caused to a third party, among others
  • make sure that the insurance policies obtained are compatible with your legal business needs
  • verify that your insurance agent and insurance companies are certified
  • have no doubts. Clarify with your insurance agent any term or aspect of your insurance policies about which you might have doubts
  • understand your insurance plan. Before signing your contract, make sure that you understand all the aspects about how your insurance policies work, your rights and obligations, plan costs and premium payment options, exclusions and restrictions applicable
  • compare your options by evaluating the offerings, advantages and disadvantages that each product offers and choose the one that best meets your needs
The insurance products are not a deposit, not insured by the FDIC, not insured by any Federal Government Agency, not guaranteed by the bank or an affiliate, and may go down in value. ©2014 Doral Financial Corporation. All Rights Reserved.