Protect Your Property

When financing a car or any other type of property, it is important to get the required and optional insurance that protects you, your family and your new property. Here we will give you some advice on what to consider when insuring your car or property.

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Advice on insuring your car or property:

  • compare offers and choose the one that best fits your needs
  • verify that the total sum insured is adjusted to the real value of your vehicle
  • ask about the cost of the insurance for the vehicle or property that you are going to buy and their coverage
  • the more expensive your property is, the more it will cost to insure
  • there are various alternatives in insurance policies depending on the value of the vehicle and the risks against which you wish to be protected
  • before buying an insurance policy, get all the information about it and be sure to understand it in detail: the risks, who and what is covered and when the coverage ends

Basic coverage types:

  • personal liability for personal damages
  • medical coverage
  • liability for damages to a third person’s property
  • coverage against collision
  • full cover
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