Protect Yourself and Your Family

It is important for us that you are well advised and fully understand the types of insurance you can get for yourself, your family, your business or your property.

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Advice on purchasing insurance for you and your family:

  • define what you want to insure
  • define against which type of risks you want to take provisions; in the case of your properties, this could include: vandalism, theft, fire, hurricane, flood or earthquakes, among others; in the event of life and/or public liabilities, you should consider illness, disability or your legal responsibility in case of damages caused to third parties, among others; determine if you have special circumstances to consider and discuss them with your insurance agent
  • verify that your insurance agent and insurance company are certified by the Commisioner of Insurance of P.R.
  • be sure to be totally aware of every detail of the insurance policy you are purchasing
  • understand your insurance plan
The insurance products are not a deposit, not insured by the FDIC, not insured by any Federal Government Agency, not guaranteed by the bank or an affiliate, and may go down in value. ©2014 Doral Financial Corporation. All Rights Reserved.