Email Fraud

One of the most common ways to be a victim of identity theft is to respond to fraudulent e-mails. This modality is recognized as "Phishing". Identity theft through e-mails means to duplicate legitimate banking institution’s websites, utilizing their logos and fonts to confuse the user. The fraudulent e-mail messages appear to be from a legitimate company. These email messages request the user to click on a link that sends them to a fraudulent page or attached documentation where the user is asked to enter his personal information. (Example: account number, personal identification number or PIN number.

You can reduce your risk and safeguard your identifying information by following these simple guidelines:

  • Keep your e-mail address secret as possible.
  • Never sent by e-mail your personal information (example: accounts number, credit card number and PIN number).
  • Ignore unknown e-mails, erase them without reading.
  • Do not respond to any proposals to "win money easy" or "super offer".
  • Doral Bank will never contact you to request personal information through e-mail or telephone. Doral Bank will only ask for your personal data when you call us to request information or make a transaction or when you voluntarily use our online banking system Doral Net.
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