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Service Contract Agreement

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Password, security and unauthorized transactions

The security of your transactions is important to us; as a result, in order to use the services you may have to use your secret number (PIN) or a password. If you lose or forget your PIN number or password, call TeleDoral at (787) 749-7000 or 1(877)-d-Doral (1-887-336-7251) during customer service hours.

You agree to keep your PIN number and password secret and not make them available to third parties or give them access to your account. You are responsible for every payment authorized by the Service. You accept and understand that if you give your PIN or password to another person and allow others to use the Service or your password, you are authorizing this person to represent you and the Bank may accept all the instructions this person gives us regarding transactions or other uses of the Service in any other way. Also, you will be held responsible for any authorized transaction by such individuals. If you think your password is lost, has been stolen or your account has been accessed in any other way so the Service has been used without your authorization or if money has been transferred without your permission, you must notify the Bank immediately by calling TeleDoral at (787) 749-7000 or 1(877)-d-doral1 (1-877-336-7251) during customer service hours.

The Online Banking service allows you to change your password; we require you to do it frequently. You acknowledge that the Bank may be responsible only for certain security failures, as provided under the applicable laws and regulations, but apart from this, the Bank does not assume responsibility nor guarantees about the security of the information that is in transit between our installations and any other point. We reserve the right to: (1) monitor or record all communications and activity related to the Service, and (2) require verification of all requested payments in the manner we understand is proper (which may include written verification from you). You agree that our records will be final and decisive, in case any doubt arises as to the use of your PIN or password in relation to a particular transaction.

In the case of any unauthorized use of your PIN number or password, you agree to: (1) cooperate with us and with the appropriate law enforcement authorities in identifying and prosecuting the offender and (2) provide us with all reasonable assistance we request in order to recover funds transferred without the proper authorization.


For more details on the subject of unauthorized transactions, you should refer to Regulation E, which may be accessed through our link https://www.doralbank.com/pdf/ConvenioSuplementario.pdf

Disclosure of account information to third parties

In general, it is our policy to treat your account information as confidential. However, we may disclose information to third parties about your account or transactions made by you under the following circumstances only:

  • Where it is necessary for completing transactions;
  • Where it is necessary to activate additional services;
  • To verify the existence and status of your account to a third party, such as a credit bureau or creditor;
  • For research purposes to a consumer credit reporting agency;
  • To comply with an order of a government agency or court.

  • For details about how we may share your information to a third party, read our privacy policy by accessing our link below https://www.doralbank.com/es/help/doral-privacy-policy.aspx.


If you want to terminate your access to the services, you need to contact the Bank through TeleDoral at (787) 749-7000 or 1(877)-d-doral1 (1-877-336-7251) during customer service business hours as detailed in this document. The Bank may require your written authorization, thus, after receiving your call, we will send an authorization request termination for you to sign and return to us.

Service may be disabled without prior written notice if the Service is not used for three (3) consecutive months. Upon service termination, all recurring payments and pre-authorized payments pending process are canceled.


We also reserve the right to temporarily suspend services for situations we understand, in our sole and absolute discretion, including occasions when we understand that there is a fault in the system’s security or an attempt has been made to violate the security of the system. Repeated attempts to enter your PIN or password could be considered indicative of an attempt to violate the security of the system. Termination of the Service does not affect your obligations under this contract with respect to what happened prior to such termination. Neither termination nor suspension of the Service will affect your liability or obligations under this contract.

Changes in contact or payment account infomation

To use the Internet Banking Services it is required that you consent to receive electronic statements and disclosures, as defined below. You must accept this section’s content to be able to consent or confirm electronically to receive electronic disclosures and/or services described on this Agreement; this will enable the Bank to validate that you can access the information that is subject to your consent.

  • a. Electronic Communications
    The Electronic Signatures in Global and International Commerce Law (E-Sign) enables us to provide you electronically, after obtaining your affirmative consent, all disclosures; notices; account statements; periodic statements; changes to terms and conditions of the agreement of the account and/or applicable service; changes on account and/or service fees; information on promotions, discounts, products or services offered, within others; or any other information related to Internet Banking Services, Telephone Banking ("IVR"), Bill Payment Services, and any other service authorized by you (from now on “Electronic Disclosures”) to comply with statutes or regulations that require such information to be provided in writing.

  • b. Requirements

    To access and use the Internet Banking Services (Doral Online Banking), and to obtain and keep documentation related to the Electronic Disclosures of the services accessed through the platform, you need, as a minimum, your computer, equipment, applications, and operating system to have:

    • • A printer or enough disk space on the computer to record copies of documents
    • • Access to the Internet and an Internet browser
    • • A version of Adobe ® Reader ® 6.0 or higher
    • • MS Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

    • Windows:
      • 1. Windows XP, Vista y 2000: Adobe® Reader®, version 6.0.1 or higher
      • 2. Windows NT: Adobe® Reader®, version 6.0.1 and 7.0.9
      • 3. Windows ME y 98: Adobe® Reader®, version 6.0.1 only
      • 4. Windows 95: Adobe® Reader®, version 5.0.5 only
      • 1. OS 9: Adobe® Reader®, version 5.0.5 only
      • 2. OS 10.2 y 10.3: Adobe® Reader®, version 6.0.1 and 7.0.9
      • 3. OS 10.4: Adobe® Reader®, version 8.1 only


  • c. Agreement and Consent
    You understand that the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement are provided electronically and that any agreement to all such terms and conditions by you constitutes consent to all such terms and conditions as well as the acknowledgment of receipt of such disclosure or notification documents. Your consent also applies to any person named in your account, product or service.

    You agree that , for all your accounts, products or services with the Bank, all future Electronic Disclosures will or could be: (a) sent electronically to the email address you have provided during the registration process, (b) provided through the platform of the Internet Banking Services, or (c) provided as part of the documentation or information included with the electronic account statements that you are agreeing to receive under this consent.
    You agree that you will stop receiving such documents on paper, but that the delivery of these in paper will not constitute a termination or violation of your consent or any part of this agreement. This also means that you agree to receive through electronic means any disclosure, or legal or regulatory notice, or any other information that could affect your account(s) or service(s) with the Bank, that would have otherwise been included with your account statements or any other document, including but not limited to: supplementary account agreements, account agreements, list of service fees for deposit accounts, privacy policy notices, or any other document regulatory in nature, and any amendment made to such documents. If your account statement includes paid checks or images of paid checks, with the electronic account statement service, images of paid checks will not be included, but will continue to be available on-line through the Internet Banking. You agree that you will receive electronically, on the applicable term for each electronic notification, notices related to the availability in Doral Online Banking of the information of your accounts, products or services. Notwithstanding receipt of the notice through email or failure of such receipt, you agree that availability of your account statement and all other Electronic Disclosures through Internet Banking constitutes delivery of your periodic account(s) statement(s) and of your Electronic Disclosures. You agree to access Internet Banking at least once monthly to review your account statements and any other information, disclosure, notice or documentation provided electronically. The Electronic Disclosures will be available for your review for a period of 365 days after first delivery of availability notice. Your accounts, products or services will continue to be governed by the terms and conditions of each of the contracts/agreements, except to the extent, if any, stated on this Agreement and its related terms. Similarly, each of the accounts, products or services will be subject to the terms or instructions displayed on your screen while you are using Doral Online Banking; the rules, procedures and policies of the Bank that are applicable to each account, product or service; and to applicable rules and regulations.

  • d. Rights to revoke your consent and to receive documents on paper
    You may revoke your consent at any time. For Internet Banking service, if you revoke your consent, we may stop providing electronic communications (including the Electronic Disclosures) and may terminate your access to Internet Banking. The withdrawal of your consent shall be effective only after you have informed us of your intention to revoke by calling TeleDoral at (787) 749-7000 or 1(877) 336-7251; have completed the applicable written request for termination; and after Doral Bank has had a reasonable time to act on your revocation. Your consent will remain in effect until it is revoked as described in this section.

  • You have the right to obtain any documents provided electronically in paper or in a non-digital form if requested by calling TeleDoral at (787) 749-7000 or 1(877) 336-7251. The print copy requested could lead to additional costs. For details on the specific costs of the documents you require in paper, contact any of our branches or TeleDoral at (787) 749-7000 or 1(877) 336-7251. The request for copies or receipt of documents on paper could involve an additional cost. For more details about the specific costs for the document that you would require on paper, you can communicate with any of our branches or by calling TeleDoral at (787) 749-7000 or 1(877) 336-7251.

  • e. Contact Information
    It is your sole responsibility to provide your correct contact information, including a valid email address and making sure that the information on your profile is correct and up to date. This includes—within other information—the name, addresses, telephone numbers, and email address. Providing incorrect information may result in delay of access to Internet Banking Services, the delivery of notice informing availability of your statements and electronic bill payment accounts through Bill Payment. Doral Bank is not responsible for delays in notifications due to incorrect contact information. To update your email address, you must enter the Doral Online Banking site, select the Options section and change to your correct email address. You can also change or update your information through a TeleDoral representative by calling (787) 749-7000 or 1(877) 336-7251 or by visiting any of our branches.

    For the Bill Payment services, any change is effective immediately for scheduled and future payments and will be paid based on the updated Payment Account information. The Bank shall not be liable for any errors or processing fees incurred if you do not provide accurate information on the Payments Account or your contact details.

  • f. Acceptance
    By pressing the “Accept” button you acknowledge that you have read and are in agreement with the terms and conditions of the Internet Banking Services and receiving electronically your account statement and all other Electronic Disclosures. You also agree that you are authorized to enter into this Agreement for all the persons that are authorized to access any of your accounts and that all those persons will also be subject to the terms and conditions under this Agreement.


If any dispute were to arise regarding the Service, you and the Bank must settle the dispute based on the provisions under this contract. You agree that the present Contract/Agreement is the complete and exclusive contract/agreement between you and the Bank and supersedes all proposals or agreements, verbal or written and all other communications between you and the Service related to the subject of the contract. Should a conflict arise between what an employee of the Department of Customer Service says and the terms of the present contract, the terms of this contract shall prevail.


No release/waiver from the terms of this contract shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by an authorized officer of the Bank.


You may not transfer nor assign your rights or obligations that may arise once you agree to the present Contract/Agreement. The Bank may assign its interest and obligations under this contract; we may delegate our responsibilities under this contract/agreement and use independent contractors to perform or help us carry out our responsibilities as herein provided, as we believe appropriate.

Applicable Laws

This contract/agreement and all transactions pursuant to it shall be governed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The customer acknowledges that he/she has read this agreement, understands the terms and conditions set forth herein and abides by them, provided, however, that any dispute between you and the provider of the Bill Payment Service will be governed and construed under the laws of the United States and Puerto Rico, regardless of its provisions on conflicts of law. Additionally, you acknowledge that the responsibility of the Bank's Service, as defined herein, is limited to what is contained here.

Doral Bill Payment Services

Our online bill payment service, which you will access through our online banking service, allows you to make recurring payments or single (non-recurring) payments from a checking account.

This contract/agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing the use of the services of Doral Bank for bill payments. If you complete the registration process, you will confirm that you've reviewed and agreed to the terms of this contract (hereinafter referred to as "Service Agreement"), which are provided electronically. Furthermore, you agree that all future notices related to Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and Doral Bank Bill Payment services shall be provided electronically. Your use of the Internet Banking services to access any account or service Doral Bank, is a further confirmation of your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein as well as your future compliance. By completing the registration process, you acknowledge receipt of the notification documents.

Terms used for the payment service

  • "Bank" refers to Doral Bank.
  • "Service" means the bill payment service offered by Doral Bank.
  • "Contract" refers to this document containing the terms and conditions that apply when you use the Service, as defined herein.
  • "Creditor" is the person or entity to whom you want to send a payment to: it is also used to refer to the entity from which you receive electronic or other type of invoices, as applicable.
  • "Payee" is the registered creditor on the bill payment service.
  • "Payment Instructions" Is the data you provide to the Bank to proceed with the payment of a bill from a creditor (including the name of the creditor, the amount to be paid and debited from your account, the number of the account of the creditor and the scheduled payment date, among others).
  • "Payments' Account" is the checking account designated by you to debit payments of invoices and forward them to the creditor.
  • "Business Day" means, Monday through Friday, except holidays from the Federal Reserve System, even though some branches may open.
  • "Scheduled Payment Date" is the date that you want the creditor to receive payment of the bill and the day in which your account will be debited for such payments, unless the scheduled payment date is not a Business Day, in which case the business day following the scheduled date is considered.
  • "Due Date" is the date reflected in the statement of the creditor to whom you owe payment. Not to be confused with the late payment date or the date of the grace period.
  • "Scheduled Payment" is a payment that has been scheduled through the Service but has not begun processing
  • .
  • "Customer Service Hours" are Monday through Friday and Bank holidays, from 7am to 7pm, and Saturdays from 8am to 3pm
  • "Inactive" is the status established when the Service has not made any payment to any creditor for three consecutive months in any of the accounts for payment.

Programming payments

There are three (3) types of payments that can be made through this Service:

1. Recurring payment - A periodic payment made to the same amount, for which you select the frequency in which it will be performed (weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) and the number of payments to be made. Recurring payments must be scheduled at least four (4) working days prior to the due date in order to ensure the creditor receives them on time. When scheduling your payments, you have to pick a date for payment not later than the due date indicated on the billing statement or creditor invoice.

2. Single payment - To program single (non-recurring) payments, you need to provide the exact amount and date of payment to the Bank. Every single payment must be programmed at least four (4) working days prior to the due date in order to ensure a timely payment is made to the creditor.

3. Future payment - is a non-recurring payment that is scheduled to take place on a single occasion in the near future. To schedule a future payment, you must provide the exact amount and date of payment.

Service Guarantee

Due to circumstances beyond the Bank's control, particularly delays in handling and registering of payments from creditors or financial institutions, some transactions may take longer to be credited to your account. The Bank could cover up to $50.00 of the amount if payment is registered after its due date, provided that the payment had been scheduled as indicated in the section entitled "Programming payments" of this Contract/Agreement.

Authorization and remission of payments

By providing the Bank Payment Instructions, you authorize the Bank to proceed under such instructions received through the Service. To process payments more efficiently, the Bank could use other alternate payment methods, including but not limited to, the issuance of a check to process your payment.


When the Bank receives payment instructions, you authorize the Bank to debit your account when payment is made electronically and remit funds on your behalf for the payment to arrive on the earliest date possible to the Scheduled Payment Date you set.

The Bank will do everything possible in order to make your payments properly. However, the Bank shall have no responsibility and the Bank shall not be bound to honor the Warranty Service, as detailed here, if the Bank is unable to process your payment due to one or more of the following circumstances:


1. If for reasons beyond the Bank, the Payment Account does not have sufficient funds to complete the transaction or the transaction would exceed the credit limit available to the overdraft account, this being the Account Payments (line of credit);


2. If you have been properly notified that the central processing of payments is not working properly or if the Bank has given notice of warnings on failures in the processing of payments before you execute the transaction;


3. If you have not provided the Bank with accurate information about your Payment Account or Payee information such as name, address, phone number or Payee account; or


4. If circumstances beyond the Bank's control (such as fire, flood, or interference from external forces) prevent the proper execution of your payment, given the Bank has taken reasonable precautions to avoid those circumstances.

As long as none of the above exceptions applies, if the Bank causes an incorrect amount subtraction from your account for any payment or causes to fund your account for payments to a creditor who fails to comply with Payment Instructions are addressed, the Bank shall be liable to return to your Account Payments for only those funds that have been transferred improperly.

Payment Methods

If you wish to make a payment to a creditor that is registered on the list of Payees on Doral Bill Payment, the electronic payment method will be used to remit funds to the Creditor.

Being the case that you wish to make a payment to a creditor that is not registered in the list of Payees Doral Bill Pay, the check printing services will be used to draw funds from your Payment Account. The method of payment by check drawn on your account is not covered in the dispositions of Regulation E.

However, in an unusual or emergency situation, the Bank reserves the right to choose the method for sending funds to the creditor that you have indicated. These payment methods may include, but not be limited to, electronic payments, electronic payments-to-check, or directly rotated (laser / draft) checks, the funds are debited from the account and sent to the creditor.

Requests for payment cancellation

You may cancel or modify a Scheduled Payment before five pm (5:00 pm) the day of the payment Date, even in the case of Recurring Payments. There is no charge for canceling or changing a Scheduled Payment, provided that is canceled or modified before it is processed as indicated herein, regardless of whether the creditor to whom you will remit payment is registered in the list of Payees on Doral Bill Payment. Once the Bank has begun processing a Scheduled Payment, this may not be canceled neither modified.

You may cancel or ask for a cancellation payment by calling TeleDoral at (787) 749-7000 or 1 (877)-d-doral1 (1-877-336-7251) during customer service business hours or by visiting our website www.doralbank.com online, according to the Supplementary Account Agreement.

Payment Suspension Requests

The Bank's ability to process a stop payment request will depend on the method of payment: Payments remitted electronically to the Payee, may not be suspended. You must process your claim directly with the creditor to which you made the payment.

If the payment was processed by a check drawn on your account, you may request a stop payment, provided it has not been paid yet by the Bank, by calling TeleDoral at (787) 749-7000 or 1 (877 )-d-doral1 (1-877-336-7251) during customer service business hours or by visiting us online at www.doralbank.com in accordance with the Supplementary Account Agreement. Charges stipulated by the Bank from time to time under the provisions of the aforementioned agreement shall be applied.

The Bank may also require you to send your request in writing within the next fourteen (14) days of your claim by telephone. Payments are canceled at the time of suspension of any of them.

Forbidden Payments

The Service may not make payments to creditors outside of the United States or its territories, which are considered prohibited payments.

You agree not to use the Service to make payments of contributions (taxes) or payments for court orders.

You agree that if you tried to make a payment of contributions (taxes) or a payment to comply with a court order, the Bank shall not be responsible for such payment and the related charges. The Bank may even cancel the payment.

Errors and Doubts

In case of any errors or doubts you may have regarding the transactions, contact us as soon as possible by one of the following ways:

  • 1. By phone, by calling TeleDoral at (787) 749-7000 or 1 (877)-d-doral1 (1-877-336-7251) during customer service hours
  • 2. By electronic message on our website or
  • 3.Writing to this address:

Doral Bank (Depto. de Banca Electrónica)
P.O. Box 70308
San Juan, PR 00936-8308

You could access our link through: https://www.doralbank.com/pdf/ConvenioSuplementario.pdf for more information on the disclosure of electronic transfers (Regulation E).

Service fees and additional charges

All applicable fees will be charged, regardless of whether or not the Service is used during the billing cycle. Charges stipulated by the Bank from time to time would apply, according to the Supplementary Account Agreement. You agree to pay such charges and authorize the Bank to withdraw Payments Account for these amounts and any additional charges in which you may incur. Any financial fees associated with your regular deposit accounts will remain in effect. You will be responsible for all dialup and other Internet service provider charges that could be charged to your phone service or Internet to use or access our online banking services.


You should consult your telephone service or Internet provider for any charges they may apply to your phone or Internet service account.

Returned or failed transactions

By using the Service, you are requesting the Bank to make payments on your behalf using your Account for Payments. In the event the Bank is unable to complete the transaction for any reason related to your payments’ account (e.g., lack of sufficient funds in your designated account to cover the transactions), the transaction will not be completed and the Bank will not be liable for the incomplete transaction.

Returned Payments

By using the print service checks drawn on your account, as defined in section payment method, you agree that the creditors or the Postal Service of the United States could return a payment to the Bank or you, for several reasons. These include, but are not limited to, the following: the creditor forwarding address expired; the account number of the creditor is not valid; the creditor cannot locate the account; or the account with that creditor was settled.

The check must reach your regular email address, which was provided by you in the Bill Payment System, unless you have agreed to receive Electronic Disclosures and statements. If you do not receive the returned check by regular mail or if it is not available through the Internet Banking Service within a reasonable time, you may request a stop payment.

Alterations and Ammendments

At any time, the Bank may alter this Agreement, applicable fees and service charges. In such case, the Bank will notify you of the change at least 30 days prior to their effectiveness. In addition, the Bank, from time to time, could revise or update the applications, services, or any material related to these, replacing all previous versions. Accordingly, the Bank reserves the right to terminate this contract regarding all previous versions of the applications, services and materials and restrict access to only the most recent reviews and Service updates. In addition, as part of the Service, you agree to receive all notices required by law through regular mail or email, if you have agreed to receive your notifications in this manner.

Work Days

Bank working days are Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Although the Bank may offer some services to the public Saturdays and federal holidays, these are not considered working days.


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